How to: Run Your Blog with Your Own Domain Name

How to get a domain name with my own name?

Believe it or not, you can get a unique top level Internet name at whatever.com. Anything you can think of is yours before it is taken others.

Once registered under your name, it can qualify as a trademark when it is used in connection with a website that offers services to the public. This includes all sites conducting e-commerce and sites such as Yahoo.com that provide Web-related services.

Choosing a Domain Name

The best domain names are often the simple ones -- short, memorable, clever, and easy to spell and pronounce. Nevertheless, you must weigh the sometimes competing concerns of a Web-friendly name with the importance of obtaining trademark protection for the name you choose.

Finding a Name That Hasn't Been Taken

Your toughest task when picking a domain name is likely to be finding a name that's available; millions of names have been snapped up already. The best way to find out whether your business name is available as a domain name is to use the search engine at www.networksolutions.com or through whatever domain registry company that offers this service for free.


Domain name itself is only a record at the central domain registration administration. It will point your visitors to your website. Having a domain name is just to get a car plate. You have to buy your car seperately. For the website, you need to find the website hosting service. They provide the real machines, hard disks, the Interenet connections to you.

When deciding which host service provider to choose, pay close attention to the running uptime, services, fees.

Blogging software

The are several choices in blog software. Typepad is one of the easiest way to create a professional blog. Its a service, so its easy to get set up and going. If you are technically inclined and have own hosting, try Movable Type. Also, you can sign up for an account at Blogger for free.

Now what?

A good way to get started is by referencing and quoting material from other blogs and Web sites you read and then commenting on them as you see fit. Eventually you will start to mix in longer stories that express a thought that you want to develop.

The way to get people to read your blog is to link to their blog and say interesting things. People notice when you link to their blogs and will follow the link back and read what you have to say. If its interesting enough they might link to you, comment on what you say and, in so doing, drive traffic to you. Read your own blog and follow the links (at first) to prime the pump.